Of course, you can wear human hair wigs every day. They last longer than synthetic wigs. But they require proper care if you want them to last that long. However, if you often wear wigs, their longevity will be reduced. 

What is the Lifespan of Human Hair Wigs

The less you wear the wig, the longer it will last. However, if you choose human hair wigs, you’ll be enjoying their benefits for a lot longer. It’s especially true if you invest in 100% virgin human hair wigs. The reason for this is that they are not processed chemically. Furthermore, the cuticles are intact. 

What are the Other Benefits of Human Hair Wigs? 

In addition to having a longer lifespan than synthetic wigs, human hair wigs also look and feel natural. The reason for this is that they are human hair. They look and feel amazing on your head. People won’t notice that you are wearing a wig when you choose this version. 

Another reason many people would prefer a human hair wig is that it gives them the freedom to pick the texture they wish. The variety of texture options is one of the reasons you would want to pick this type of wig. Most of all, you can style it the way you would natural hair. It means that you can color, curl, straighten and perm it. 

s It Safe to Use It daily? 

Yes, it is safe to use it daily. However, you must make sure that you don’t go to bed with your human hair wig on. Otherwise, you’ll ruin its structure. If you wish to wear it every day, you might wonder how long you can wear it. The answer is it depends. It hinges on how you install it. You can put it on and take it off daily. But there are times that they don’t feel secure in your head. If it’s your first time wearing a wig, then make sure to consult a professional to give you better advice. You can go to your favorite beauty salon and have a professional team teach you how to wear it right away. Or you can talk to our professional at Best Wig Outlet. 

How Does Chemical Processing Affect the Wig’s Lifespan? 

Chemical processing and heat can definitely impact your wig’s lifespan. Even if a human hair wig can be styled, its lifespan will significantly shorten if you process it chemically or if you heat it. Both chemical processing and heating can dry out the hair. They also weaken the wig’s structure while damaging the cuticles. 

In that case, you should avoid styling the human hair wigs often. You can probably do it once or twice but not every day. The best way to make sure that your wig lasts a long time, you should select the best quality human hair wigs that you can find at Best Wig Outlet. If you have further questions about our wigs, feel free to contact our experts here: support@haircube.net