Are you afraid of wearing your new hair? How to get used to wearing a wig or topper

Finally! After suffering with thinning hair, bald spots that you can no longer hide, or worse, a complete fall of your hair all at once, you have new hair! And yet, you’re terrified! What if your coworkers or the people at your office notice that your hair is suddenly, well, amazing?

First things first, most people are not that observant of changes like that. Nearly 100% of the time, when you wear your hair for the first time, people will simply say “wow, you look great!” and maybe, they might ask “did you get your hair done?” The answer to this is always YES!

If you’re public about your hair loss, feel free to say “this is a brand new wig/topper!” and bask in the compliments. At my dentist office, the staff told me they love when I come to see what hair I’m wearing now! How positive is that?!

If you’re not public about your hair loss (or at least not at work/church/the grocery store line), then simply enjoy the compliments. No one will ever say to you “so, is that a wig?”  And if they do, you can conspiratorially lean over and say “omg, yesssss, girl, I’m like a celebrity now, they ALL wear hair!”


At first, it will feel and look unfamiliar

You got used to your thinning hair. You did. Every day, you saw less and less but you got used to it. It will be the same with your new hair. I suggest that you look at photos of yourself before you lost your hair and also DURING your hair loss. Odds are, you’ll begin to see just how thin your hair was, just how big those patches were. In retrospect, you’ll wonder why you didn’t wear hair before now.

Pause here for a second. There is no reason TO wear hair if you don’t want to. And there’s no reason to not rock a bald head, a shaved head, a super cropped cut. There are many exceptional examples out there – from celebrities to sports figures who are rocking bald, shaved or super cropped hair due to hair loss. Go get some ah-mazing statement earrings and rock that look. If you want to.

But this is a hair wearing site, so let’s talk hair. You’ll get used to wearing hair the more you wear it. Look at yourself in all the mirrors (at home, your car, the elevators at the office… wherever. Appreciate the new you.  An older relative finally, after decades of thin or thinning hair, began wearing hair, and all of a sudden she looked nearly ten years younger. With the new hair, new outfits came a new confidence that you could just SEE in her. She didn’t garner looks because people were talking about her wig, but because she looked, well, amazing!

Sometimes out on the street, we see people we know we could help. And just want to grab them in a big hug and say “girl, come have great hair with me!” But, besides being really inappropriate to grab stranger in public, everyone comes to hair wearing in their own way, in their own time. If that time is now for you, you will not regret it, promise.