When choosing a wig, women face several challenges. Should they opt for real hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs? With the technology being used to make wigs, it’s now difficult to tell the difference between the two. To help you decide, you need to consider the differences between these options. 

Real Hair Wigs: Pros and Cons 

Human hair wigs are made of real human hair. In that case, they look and move like your own hair. Here are the advantages of choosing human hair. 

  • Easy to Style. Since they are made of real human hair, you can easily style this type of wig and not worry about damaging it. You can cut or color it as you would your own hair
  • Be worn for a longer period. It’s safe to wear it for a longer period because it’s made of human hair. You can let it stay on your head for days and it still looks natural. 
  • Wear it while exercising. Even if you’re working out at the gym, you could wear real hair wigs without worrying people will notice you’re wearing one. But you must not use them when swimming.  

What are the Disadvantages of Human Hair Wigs? 

  • Price. It’s one of the cons of choosing this option. Real human hair has an expensive price tag, no matter the brand. 
  • Maintenance. It needs more maintenance. That is, you have to treat them like you would your own hair. 

Synthetic Hair Wig: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Their fibers are made by man, ergo, synthetic. Here are the benefits of using them. 

  • Durable. Compared to real human hair, a synthetic wig is more durable. 
  • Hold a certain style. When you receive them, they are already styled. They can also hold a certain style regardless of the weather conditions. In that case, even if it’s humid outside, they won’t go frizzy. It’s a big plus if you want to be adventurous with your hair. 

Just like real human hair wigs, synthetic wigs come with negatives. 

Can’t style another way. As mentioned, they come already styled. It means that you can style it in the way you want. Although you can find high-quality synthetics wigs that can be safely styled, they are still difficult to do compared to choosing real human hair. 

Which One to Choose? 

It still depends on your preference. Do you wish to switch up your look often? Human hair wigs can be an ideal option because you can style them. You can even color and recolor them. On the other hand, if your budget is a problem, you might want to stick with synthetic hair wigs. They are budget-friendly. However, if you want wigs that can last a long time even if you wear them every day, then human hair wigs are the more viable option.