Kylie Jenner Rocked a Super-Short Bob, and Now I Need to Call the Salon for a Haircut

A new day, a new hairstyle for Kylie Jenner. The hair chameleon is constantly changing things up—whether she's opting for candy-colored locks or an extra-long wig. On March 30th, Jenner showed off a super-short bob hairdo literally one day after posting a picture with hair down to her butt.

Now, I'm well aware that she often opts for wigs, hairpieces, or extensions, so I can't be sure if this chin-length bob is actually her hair or not, but the fact of the matter is that it looks so good. She styled it super straight and parted down the middle (this one's for you, TikTok), and it's actually so good that it distracted me from the out-of-this-world 'fit she's wearing. Yes, she is, in fact, wearing a head-to-toe bodysuit in some kind of intergalactic print that very few people could pull off—and yet she does.

Jenner's hair has been many lengths and colors, but she seems to typically keep it long. A short bob like this is a rare occurrence for her—and usually natural! One of her most iconic bobs, though, was at the 2017 Met Gala, where she turned up on the red carpet in a platinum blonde bob up to her chin. However, I feel pretty confident that that one was a wig. She also rocked a blunt bob at the Met Gala the year prior, though that one may have been her own hair.

I'd actually venture to say that the shorter looks are more often her own hair and the long, flowing locks are more often extensions. I know some people's hair grows fast, but not *that* fast. Whatever the case, Jenner always looks stunning with a blunt bob and high-key makes me want to call my hairstylist to switch things up with my own hair. Plus, a short bob has to be easy on maintenance, right?